Connect with care teams

Exercise and Rehabilitation

Improvements in dexterity


Geriatric training programmes

Personal Care

Focused care and rehabilitation

Food Management

Meal ordering and snacks menu


Bespoke content and programming

The Medix Care Platform empowers patients and their families to actively engage with their personal care plan, providing a modern, interactive gateway for information, communication and educational content, and the reassurance of constant connectivity to family and friends.

Our Results


Fall in readmissions


Increase in patient satisfaction

Medix Healthcare Journey

Medix Care Platform delivers a digitally connected patient engagement experience during each step of their care journey.

Senior man using smartphone at home
Patient engagement and connectivity on personal devices across the continuum of care
Female nurse looking at screen of bed side tablet
Infotainment communication and education for personal and managed devices
Female nurse delivering food to female patient in hospital bed
Complete food ordering, nutritional information and dietary management solution
Three way video consultation with doctor and nurse
Advanced video calls and telehealth conferencing on personal or managed healthcare devices

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