Meal Ordering

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Nutrio provides patients with the ability to electronically order meals on a managed device using Medix Link  or their own personal device using Medix|Journi or in a hospital via a BYOD application. 

Improved menu choice for patients

Increased patient food consumption

Personalised patient dietary menus
Improved nutritional Food selection

Efficient ordering lead-time

Less food wastage

Food Menu with Nutritional and Dietary Management

The Nutrio application provides images of the menu available, a description of the meal and also informs patients of the nutritional content. The patients select their choices on their device and the information is then delivered directly to the hospital catering software which will reduce lead-times from around 1-2 hours. The Nutrio service has been implemented in many hospitals and care facilities

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Modernise Catering and reduce Food Waste

The current financial constraints on hospitals are creating incentives to develop robust cost improvement plans. Nutrio electronic meal ordering helps to improve the efficiency of hospitals catering service by modernising the ways in which patients can choose and order meals.

Based upon a economic analysis of a typical hospital the service is estimated to realise $ 46K of cost savings per annum from modernising order processing $64K from reducing food wastage and 56K from helping to reduce patient length of stay . In total these benefits are estimated to amount to $166K per annum. In addition to these benefits by allowing greater choice of menu and facilitating more timely meal ordering, the service can help to deliver wider benefits to patients by improving nutrition. Nutrition can help to drive patients quality of life and wellbeing.

Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction

The replacement of paper based methods of meal ordering with electronic meal ordering avoids the need to print distribute and collect menus. For a typical 500 bed hospital around 365000 menus per annum no longer need to be printed generating estimated at $12K per annum. Additionally, an estimated $30K per annum of staff costs are avoided through time saved on processing distributing and collecting menu’s The total savings are estimated to be $42K per annum

Hospitals can also realise productivity benefits from reductions in food wastage and patient length of stay. Estimated to be $110K per annum. These benefits are driven by three mechanisms:

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I am so pleased that I can order food with so many nutritional choices from my bed

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Nutrio Food Management and Dietary Platform

Medix Care Platform delivers a digitally connected, patient engagement experience during each step of their care journey


Better Clinical Outcomes

Increases of 19.0% have been observed in hospital surveys defining improvements patient satisfaction.


Increased Patient Satisfaction


Increase in Patient pain management

Ondamedia has a track in Digital Healthcare and consistently delivers and demonstrates quality, excellence in service and patient loyalty. The Medix Care Platform empowers patients with tools to manage their Patient Journey pre, during and post Hospitalisation supporting Healthcare staff to deliver quality care.

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Real-time engagement with across the care journey, delivering patient centric information to minimise risk and deliver superior outcomes and experience at home pre-admission to post procedure rehabilitation.


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Empowers hospitalised patients to manage their own care plan which connects directly with medical staff to highlight real-time actions that help to deliver excellent service and higher quality care.


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Digital reporting and real-time connectivity provide more efficient data collection improving the efficiency of Healthcare staff, efficient triage enables more quality time for direct patient care.


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Digital solutions for scheduling education and post-appointment surveys and assessments. Linking vital information to existing EHR’s providing healthcare staff with more time for patient care.

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