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Ribumed Medical Care Hospital

The South African RIBUMED Hospital Group is rolling out the MEDIX-CARE Solution for its new state-of-the-art Hospital and follows with the rest of all hospitals in the future.

Together with the South Africa Partner Steady State ventures the new opening hospital is implementing healthcare tablets with the cloud-based solution from MEDIX-CARE to provide at the bedside patient entertainment, advanced services and information. In the future starts the rollout for the rest of all hospitals of the RIBUMED Medical Care Group.

Ribumed Hospital

As a proud member of Joint Medical Holdings, the RIBUMED advanced healthcare facilities combine state-of-the-art technology with environmentally efficient systems and a highly qualified staff contingent to provide a cutting edge approach to patient care. The new hospital incorporates the latest technology, environmentally efficient systems, theatre and recovery room equipment and instrumentation with a layout to maximise medical team efficiency as well as smooth transition for the patients.

The MEDIX-CARE Solution delivers patient media, patient engagement, and clinical workflow services to the patient right at the bedside. But more than providing infotainment, MEDIX-CARE provides hospitals with a quantifiable Return on Investment and a superior patient experience, which stimulates and educates patients, while providing benefits in workflow and efficiencies for healthcare professionals. The tools provide care more efficiently and cost-effectively, without compromising quality or the financial bottom line.