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The MEDIX-CARE Platform is an Ondamedia solution.

Ondamedia is an innovative technology company focused on improving patient care by providing transformational digital solutions within the challenging healthcare environment. We work with partners to deliver digital healthcare solutions to hospitals, care homes, clinics, paediatric care centres and to patients at home. Our products combine leading-edge technology and unique designs to deliver a world class digital healthcare platform that offers groundbreaking benefits to patients, clinicians and healthcare providers across the board.

Operations Director / CEO

Christian Otto

Christian Otto is the founder of Ondamedia. He has dedicated his life to patient engagement products and creative engineering that is focused on the end-users. His skill sets include corporate development, finance and international partner management.

Technology Director / CTO

Jens Lodahl

Jens Lodahl is a technologies specialist acting as CTO of Ondamedia since he co-founded the company years ago. He has taken the MEDIX-CARE platform through various levels of development and innovation, driven by his passion and technological know-how and savvy. His contact with clients and ability to problem solve is beyond exemplary.

Bernd Jaskotka

Sales Director

Bernd Jaskotka

Bernd Jaskotka joined the MEDIX-CARE team in 2021. He will be responsible for sales and operations. Along with his background in sales, his experience in Healthcare stretches over years of experience. Managing Sales divisions for the likes of Atos/Unify Healthcare and responsible for 8 years for SAP’s healthcare information systems division.

Stephan Otto-De Miranda

Exec. Advisor

Stephan Otto

Stephan Otto is an internationally experienced business manager. His background includes extensive work in the software and insurance worlds, delivering solutions to world wide customers as Executive Director from companies like Solera Holdings and Mitchell International.

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Technology partners who support or are integrated onto the platform solutions

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