Fall in readmissions


Increase in efficiency


Cut in length of stay


Patient satisfaction up

“Medix Journi connects patients to their healthcare teams using their personal mobile device to stay in touch across the continuum of care, which encompasses pre-admission, in-patient stay, post-discharge and rehabilitation.”

Evelyn Reid - Nurse

Pre-admission check lists

Rehabilitation exercises

Alerts and communications

Increased patient satisfaction

Digital surveys and assessments

Improved patient communication

Scheduled health checks

Connectivity with care teams

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Connect from Home

Journi connects to patients in their own home and provides them with information for their upcoming hospitalisation, such as pre-administration checklists, electronic documentation, registration information and directions to the hospital or health check location. Care teams can also engage with patients by sending educational documentation or videos prior to admission, which ensure that the user stays connected and engaged throughout the continuum of care.

Journi app on smartphones
Digitale a Smartphone
Digital admission

With the digital check-in, patient admission already takes place before the hospital stay. Patients can fill out all the necessary forms on their smartphone, as well as select optional services and upload additional documents. Online identification verification and subsequent digital signature at the hospital complete the process. This provides patients with a quick and easy admission and reduces the workload on hospital staff.

Three way video consultation with doctor and nurse
Connected in Hospital

Once registered in the hospital or care facility, the Journi app connects to the hospital wifi infrastructure and Medix Care Platform. This connectivity provides the user with additional information, communication and entertainment benefits. Users can enjoy TV, movies, digital magazines and other infotainment applications. Additionally, they can interact with other Medix enabled devices, eg as a remote control to operate in-room TVs, or for electronic food ordering using the Nutrio food and dietary management application.

Follow-up Appointments

Journi keeps patients connected with their care teams once discharged from hospital or the care facility. Clinicians can ensure that the wellbeing of the patient continues within their home environment and can follow up with additional videos and educational content. Further appointments and health checks and follow-up visits can be registered and logged and the care team can utilise the VicoCare application to provide Telehealth video consultation or direct communication regarding a patient’s condition.

Rehabilitation and Aftercare

The Journi app provides continued connectivity for patients post-surgery and for follow-up procedures and checks. Physiotherapists can post rehabilitation videos with escalated scales of improvement, which patients can complete at home. Care teams can benefit from direct feedback surveys, including pain management and patient comments, which ensures a speedier recovery. Supportive information, videos and documentation can be sent to the patient at any time during this period, ensuring that they stay connected with their recovery and are empowered throughout their care journey.

Journi is my daily go-to application. I am always connected to my care team and feel reassured that they can provide direct support should I have any concerns or issues.

Tom Berkley


The Medix Care Platform empowers patients, clinical staff and care providers worldwide.

Confident African female doctor

Journi has helped me stay in touch with my patients when at home.

Lucy Nedham - Nurse

Male doctor wearing white coat

The Telehealth element is essential for remote diagnosis of patient issues.

Dean Mansfield - Doctor

Young female physician

We can ensure patients’ appointments and health checks are scheduled easily.

Evelyn Reid - Nurse

Headshot of male laughing

Using Journi ensures that patient exercise stimulates a faster recovery.

Simon Regus - Physiotherapist


“I can connect via video to a member of my care team to discuss any issues that I have.”

Joe Tinkerman

Improved Patient Satisfaction

“Journi helps our direct patient communication and significantly improves our satisfaction scores.”

Paul Sumner

Medix Healthcare Journey

Medix Care Platform delivers a digitally connected, patient engagement experience during each step of their care journey

Senior man using smartphone at home
Patient engagement and connectivity on personal devices across the continuum of care
Female nurse looking at screen of bed side tablet
Infotainment communication and education for personal and managed devices
Female nurse delivering food to female patient in hospital bed
Complete food ordering, nutritional information and dietary management solution
Three way video consultation with doctor and nurse
Advanced video calls and telehealth conferencing on personal or managed healthcare devices

The Facts

Our Results

A positive patient experience generates better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.


Fall in readmissions


Rise in patient satisfaction

The Medix Care Platform empowers patients and their families to actively engage with their personal care plan, providing a modern interactive gateway for information, communication and educational content.

Dr Amil Gerhard

Ondamedia has a track record in digital healthcare and consistently delivers and demonstrates quality, excellence in service and patient loyalty. The Medix Care Platform empowers patients with tools to manage their patient journey pre-, during and post-hospitalisation, supporting staff to deliver quality care.

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