shorter waiting times for clinic visitors


Reduction of paper consumption


Reduced administrative work at the reception desk

“With the fast and contactless registration via QR code we can reduce the waiting time of visitors, relieve our reception staff by improving admissions work flows and save paper at the same time”

Clinic managing director

Fast and contactless registration of clinic visitors

Corona rapid tests and PCR tests can be performed

Easy check-in via QR Code

Online appointment management

Save enormous administrative effort, avoid unnecessary contacts and queues and say goodbye the paper world!

Due to the Corona Pandemic, it is mandatory that visitors fill out paperwork related to Covid hot spots, symptons and contacts. The administrative effort of paper forms is very high for institutions and costs a lot of time and paper. With ClinXIdent the complete registration process is handled digitally, saving a lot of employee time and reducing the paper costs by over 90%. In addition, the digital registration is largely contactless compared to the paper version, so that the risk of COVID transfer is minimized.

Women with Smartphone
Corona Test Software
Appointment and management solution for corona testing

ClinXIdent provides complete appointment and tracking management for corona testing, mapping the necessary processes of corona testing centers. Whether visitor registration, corona rapid tests or PCR tests, ClinXIdent enables all hospitals, test centers and companies to easily manage the complete process from appointment scheduling and test execution to follow-up via a single digital system.

"I am extremely glad that we no longer have to manage stacks of paper forms and that our hospitals visitors now have the options to fill out paperwork digitally."

Clinic Employee

QR Code Check-in
Register with one click

A QR code in the entrance area allows visitors to access the digital form with their own smartphones. After entering the contact data and health questions, the visitor is automatically shown whether access is granted and a countdown is started to determine the remaining visiting time. Without their own smartphone, visitors can use a tablet for registration.

In accordance with data protection

Sensitive visitor data, such as contact data and health issues, are processed in accordance with the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO). All data is encrypted as soon as it is entered, before it is transferred to the ClinXIdent database. The clinic has the decryption key, which is only activated on request by the public health department.

Many advantages, especially for employees

Not only the hospital itself, but also the cafeteria and the hairdresser must register by every visit – including the hospital staff, according to legal requirements. With ClinXIdent, employees can register every visit to the cafeteria with only on click and save themselves the trouble of filling out paper forms every day.

“I use ClinXIdent daily for registration in the cafeteria, so I don’t have to fill out a paper form every time”

Clinic Employee

Medix Care Platform

Medix Care Platform delivers a digitally connected, patient engagement experience during each step of their care journey

Three way video consultation with doctor and nurse
Advanced video calls and telehealth conferencing on personal or managed healthcare devices
Female nurse delivering food to female patient in hospital bed
Complete food ordering, nutritional information and dietary management solution
Female nurse looking at screen of bed side tablet
Infotainment communication and education for personal and managed devices
Senior man using smartphone at home
Patient engagement and connectivity on personal devices across the continuum of care

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