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Increase in efficiency


Cut in length of stay


Patient satisfaction up

“VicoCare can be used in various hospital and care facilities. The solution links patients with family and friends but also provides a direct link for healthcare professionals to communicate via a Telehealth call, providing consultation, translation services or health advice.”

James Grogan - Clinician

High quality streaming video

No user registration

Individual or group video calls

Remote patient contact

Telehealth consultancy

Improved clinical effectiveness

Multiple device connectivity

Translation services

Video Connectivity

The VicoCare application is designed for hospitals and care facilities that require the highest quality video conferencing, data collaboration and audio, whilst ensuring resilience and security. The solution enables higher quality interaction between hospital staff, doctors, nurses and patients and enhances healthcare meetings via multipoint video conferences and collaboration. The solution can be used for translation services or access to international specialists and remote consultancy services, or providing highly effective training for staff and clinicians.

Masked female talking to a doctor virtually
Doctor and nurse virtual call

Improve Healthcare Quality

Video conferencing and collaboration has been proven to improve the quality of healthcare and reduce unnecessary re-hospitalisations, whilst improving efficiency, quality of service and reducing the costs associated with education, travel, administration and management. VicoCare provides solutions for remote meetings and video conferencing, interactive displays for ward management and clinician training. For isolated patients, VicoCare can become a vital solution to maintain contact with their family and friends.

Improve Healthcare Efficiency

VicoCare provides the highest quality and most resilient solutions within meeting rooms, training theatres and offices, whilst extending video to hospital devices and mobile users. Hospitals can hugely reduce spending and improve efficiency, while medical professionals can continue to care for patients. Patients can stay connected with their care team once discharged from hospital, clinicians can ensure that the wellbeing of the patient continues within their home environment and can follow up with additional videos and educational content. Additionally, VicoCare can enable the care team to activate Telehealth video consultation or direct communication with the patient if there is a more immediate need for intervention.

Male holding phone and talking to doctor virtually
Male doctor looking at digital tablet screen

Video Collaboration Benefits

Video conferencing and collaboration is one of the fastest growing digital aids in the healthcare sector, enabling direct communication with patients and staff. Additionally, education and training can be delivered beyond the traditional boundaries of the training room. Face-to-face communication and learning through modern video collaboration tools brings flexibility to the knowledge sharing process. Hospitals are changing the way information is being delivered to patients. Implementing VicoCare technology will provide hospitals and care facilities with a continual improvement of public healthcare and services for all.

With VicoCare I am always connected to my family, friends and care team. I feel reassured to see a friendly face on video if I have any concerns or issues.

Laura Berkley


VicoCare delivers high quality video communication and conferencing features

Portrait of a young smiling nurse

VicoCare helps patients in insolation maintain vital contact with their family and friends.

James Grogan - Clinician

Portrait of smiling nurse

We use the Telehealth video conferencing for specialist consultancy when required.

Carla Huthwaite - Doctor

Smiling female monotone portrait

Communication and video translation services are a revelation to healthcare staff.

Anita Chowdry - Public Relations

Confident medical student

VicoCare is useful for conferencing with our patients and their families over sensitive issues.

Barry Walters - Doctor

Video Call Family and Friends

“I keep connected with my family by video. It’s good to see them when I am in hospital.”

Alesha Grace

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Telehealth Consultancy

“VicoCare provides vital Telehealth calls for patients in remote isolation.”

Amy Grenshaw

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Medix Healthcare Journey

Medix Care Platform delivers a digitally connected, patient engagement experience during each step of their care journey.

Senior man using smartphone at home
Patient engagement and connectivity on personal devices across the continuum of care
Female nurse looking at screen of bed side tablet
Infotainment communication and education for personal and managed devices
Female nurse delivering food to female patient in hospital bed
Complete food ordering, nutritional information and dietary management solution
Women with Smartphone
The simple and digital solution for contacless registration for hopital visitors.

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Fall in readmissions


Rise in patient satisfaction

The Medix Care Platform empowers patients and their families to actively engage with their personal care plan, providing a modern interactive gateway for information, communication and educational content.

Dr Amil Gerhard

Ondamedia has a track record in digital healthcare and consistently delivers and demonstrates quality, excellence in service and patient loyalty. The Medix Care Platform empowers patients with tools to manage their patient journey pre-, during and post-hospitalisation, supporting staff to deliver quality care.

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