Fall in readmissions


Increase in efficiency


Cut in length of stay


Patient satisfaction up

“The Link platform delivers real-time engagement at the point of care. Digital information is presented to patients and clinical staff on various managed devices within a hospital or care environment. Patients are empowered to manage their care plan in real time, which helps medical staff deliver excellent service and higher quality care.”

Diane Warburton - Doctor

Maintain quality personal care

Improve care communication

React to health events

Clinical workflow and efficiency

Maximise reimbursements

Improve patient satisfaction

Improve clinical results

Superior patient services

Quality Care

The Link application connects with patients at the point of care, so care teams are alerted in time to provide early intervention prior to the escalation of patient complications. Care teams can access clinical data in real time, which helps streamline workflows and efficiencies. Patients enjoy infotainment and triple play services while feeding back important personal data to support their care process. Link delivers a solution that will minimise patient risk while delivering better patient outcomes, recovery and overall satisfaction.

Female nurse looking at screen of bed side tablet

Patient Engagement

Designed to inform, educate, entertain, engage and connect with patients, Link is a dedicated toolkit for the ultimate in interactive patient care via any managed device. Link is a perfectly integrated solution for streamlined care and the best possible patient experience. Link delivers patientcentric information to minimise risk and deliver superior outcomes and experience, from pre-admission to discharge. It provides easy access to the information they need when they need it, including practical information, day-to-day scheduling, events, teams and more. The platform empowers patients and their families to actively engage with their personal care plan, providing a modern interactive gateway for information, communication and educational content.

Patient Infotainment

Link provides an intuitive user interface with a range of infotainment features for patients. The entertainment delivery platform enables TV, movies, digital media and radio services via web-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Link delivers content on patient’ own devices via the Journi application or a BYOD application. Alternatively, patients can hook into hospital managed devices such as TVs, bedside terminals or tablets. Devices are mounted in various ways, either on articulating arms over the bed or bedside cabinets or mobile battery-powered carts, which can be moved around the facilities utilising wifi connectivity. All solutions have been designed to deliver the best patient entertainment, education and user experience.

Male patient looking at tablet
Nurse using bed side terminal

Clinical Connectivity

Digital reporting and real-time connectivity provide more efficient data collection, improving the efficiency of healthcare provision. Efficient triage enables more quality time for direct patient care. Link enables care teams to connect with patients and intervene on health issues before complications escalate. Patients feel reassured that they can communicate throughout their care experience, which contributes to a better level of care throughout their journey, minimising patient risk and empowering clinical staff to improve outcomes and overall care experience. Medical staff can link directly to the hospital information system at the point of care and can prescribe videos, audio files or send documents to educate patients on their condition or course of treatment.


  • Clinical Integration via HL7
  • Bedside Patient Data
  • Improved efficiency
  • Medication Management
  • PACs and EMR Data

  • Many Communication Apps
  • Video Calls
  • Personal Apps
  • VoIP Handsets
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Tele Medicine

  • Managed patient content
  • TV Movies on Demand
  • Interactive Games
  • Radio and Audio Books
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Mobile device Access

  • Patient Information
  • Various patient centric applications
  • Hospital Information
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Login
  • Wayfinding

  • Bespoke media content
  • Schedules and surveys
  • Food and beverage management
  • Education
  • Clinical data

Tailored to the personal requirements of patients

MEDIX-CARE | Link offers a personalized range of services to empower patients and enable healthcare professionals to deliver an excellent level of care and education.

Unique User Interface

We were able to customise the user interface to match the corporate identity which enabled the platform to be easily adopted in the hospital.

Journi is my daily go-to application. I am always connected to my care team and feel reassured that they can provide direct support should I have any concerns or issues.

Laura Berkley


The MEDIX-CARE Platform empowers patients, clinical staff and care providers worldwide.

Female doctor smiling to the camera

Link has helped me enter patient data at the point of care.

Diane Warburon - Nurse

Smiling portrait of man in monotone

I can log on to clinical data and patient information easily using the Link interface.

Robert Braithwaite - Doctor

Young hispanic female nurse in blue scrubs

With Link we can ensure that patients’ are well informed and provide a high level of patient engagement.

Paula Giles - Nurse

Close-up of doctor smiling

Using link we can advise patients on rehabilitation before they leave care, which stimulates a faster recovery.

Simon Regus - Physiotherapist

Improved Patient Care

“Its fantastic to have TV and movies. I also like reading the digital newspapers and magazines.”

Jessie Parnell

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Clinical Connectivity

“Having direct connectivity to patient records at the point of care is invaluable to nursing staff.”

Jenny Thorpe

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MEDIX-CARE Platform delivers a digitally connected, patient engagement experience during each step of their care journey


Optimising Clinical Efficiency

A more streamlined platform helps to improve workflows and efficiency.


Improved medication management


Improved patient call response

The MEDIX-CARE Platform empowers patients and their families to actively engage with their personal care plan, providing a modern interactive gateway for information, communication and educational content.

Dr Amil Gerhard

Ondamedia has a track record in digital healthcare and consistently delivers and demonstrates quality, excellence in service and patient loyalty. The MEDIX-CARE Platform empowers patients with tools to manage their patient journey pre-, during and post-hospitalisation, supporting staff to deliver quality care.

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