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Healthcare Carts

A light and versatile medical cart that is ideal for computing needs in a modern healthcare environment. When fitted with the “hot swap” battery solution the Cart will allow simultaneous use of the device and also allow the tablet batteries to recharge. The integrated battery docks are processor controlled with built-in, real-time close and embedded memory to record and communicate event-driven logging and performance monitoring. The Mobile Carts have been designed to be at the forefront of modern cleanliness standards in a clinical environment. The smooth profile and minimal dirt traps mean each unit is easy to clean.  Designed to withstand knocks and bumps, the robust system is ideally suited to fast paced, busy workplaces such as Infusion and emergency areas where flexibility is important.

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Three Medi tables and carts
4bay front with Batteries

Mobile Power

The bedside Terminal can be integrated with a VoIP handset and is manufactured in antibacterial materials. Utilising a fan-less design, and certified to CE and UL 60601-1 safety approvals the terminals  are designed for use by patients and healthcare staff. The IP65 front face avoids water ingress and a high resolution camera can be used for interactive video calls. The terminals are fully optimised for bedside computing applications when integrated with articulating arms, bedside cabinet mounts or mobile carts, providing simple data entry and user interaction.
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Environmentally Tested

All aspects of the project will be designed to fit in with your existing infrastructure (technical and physical), service delivery methodology and operational ethos. As part of our meticulous pre-planning, we typically test all technology supplied by our partners before delivery to your site to minimise disruption so you can start delivering real ROI as soon as possible. We have experience of successfully delivering successful projects and are happy to pass on the lessons that we, and our other customers, have learnt as to works best to further accelerate your project success.

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Dashboard display on Medi table
Female nurse adjusting piece of equipment

Product Reliability

To ensure a successful implementation, our experienced project design and management team works closely with all of your project stakeholders at all stages  – from technical architecture design, physical installation, setting up of services, integration with existing applications and system configuration through to system go-live.

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Healthcare Carts Q&A

The Medix | Connect solution runs in multiple languages which can be selected from the user interface

The Medix | Connect solution runs in multiple languages which can be selected from the user interface

Medix provides a wide range of Entertainment including TV, Movies, Audio Books, Internet and streaming services

Clinical staff can use various methods to securely log onto the bedside terminal such as RFID or single sign on password. The terminal will be connected to the EMR via a HL7 protocol.

Various profiles can be created for the Bedside terminal. Patient, Doctor, Clinician, Cleaner, Maintenance are some of the more common configurations.

Multiple Hardware Options

Male pressing screen of smartphone
Personal Devices
Personal mobile devices remain connected to the Healthcare care team via the Medix Journey application
Dashboard of app on digital tablet
Managed Devices
Personal or managed Tablet solutions providing patient engagement throughout the patient journey
Dashboard on computer
Bedside Terminals
Bedside Terminals provide a interactive user interface which enables patient and clinical connectivity via Medix
Healthcare TV
Smart TV's can be configured to operate via bedside remote control or from patients own mobile device

We were able to customise the user interface to match our corporate identity which has enabled the platform to be easily adopted in the hospital.

Unique User Interface

Healthcare Innovation

Many years of development expertise supporting multiple Healthcare installations

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We can customise your Medix solution to portray your corporate ID and marketing messages

Meet Our Team

Our development and commercial professionals have years of integration experience in Healthcare

Mission and vision

The Medix Care Platform has a major impact to any Healthcare digital infrastructure

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