Healthcare Tablets

Medically Compliant

The Android platform can also be loaded onto Android based Tablets. The tablet is security locked and managed so that it is impossible to gain access to settings or configurations, preventing users from deleting or adding unauthorised apps on the system. The unique Medical Tablet design has specially been developed for use in hospitals and other healthcare institutions with high hygienic standards and offers optimal protection against bacteria, dropping, bumping and liquid spills. When the tablet holder is placed on the charger, the tablet is automatically charged. The tablet can be used with the charge station on the wall, bedside cabinet or on an arm as above, providing complete flexibility of use for the patient and medical staff.

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Device Management

Tablet management  can include rental and tablet localisation inside the Hospital environment. For the rental or loan process tablet assignment tools are available. Tablet registration takes place in the tablet portal. A tablet with MAC address is selected, the first and last name of the patient is entered and the room or bed number will be defined. A start and end date of the rental can be set. A phone number and email address, also a new code for the lock screen of the tablet can be defined with details of any loan deposit which may have been payed. When a tablet is returned it is removed from the assignment list all personal data can be cleared so that the tablet is ready with a new configuration for the next patient to use. .

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Environmentally Tested

All aspects of the project will be designed to fit in with your existing infrastructure (technical and physical), service delivery methodology and operational ethos. As part of our meticulous pre-planning, we typically test all technology supplied by our partners before delivery to your site to minimise disruption so you can start delivering real ROI as soon as possible. We have experience of successfully delivering successful projects and are happy to pass on the lessons that we, and our other customers, have learnt as to works best to further accelerate your project success.

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Product Reliability

To ensure a successful implementation, our experienced project design and management team works closely with all of your project stakeholders at all stages  – from technical architecture design, physical installation, setting up of services, integration with existing applications and system configuration through to system go-live.

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Healthcare  Tablets  Q&A

The tablets are fully controlled via the Medix | Connect app for tablet solution. The tablet is locked down so that no other changes can be made.

The Medix|Connect portal can be integrated into the hospitals own Internet gateway/Captive Portal.

All apps from the Medix \ Connect portal can be used on the tablets, information, news, games, service request, surveys or in room services are all available. The tablets will also run in both portrait and landscape mode.

Apps on the tablet can be mirrored to a TV through a single click.

Multiple Hardware Options

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Personal Devices
Personal mobile devices remain connected to the Healthcare care team via the Medix Journey application
Dashboard of app on digital tablet
Managed Devices
Personal or managed Tablet solutions providing patient engagement throughout the patient journey
Dashboard on computer
Bedside Terminals
Bedside Terminals provide a interactive user interface which enables patient and clinical connectivity via Medix
Healthcare TV
Smart TV's can be configured to operate via bedside remote control or from patients own mobile device

We were able to customise the user interface to match our corporate identity which has enabled the platform to be easily adopted in the hospital.

Unique User Interface

Healthcare Innovation

Many years of development expertise supporting multiple Healthcare installations

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We can customise your Medix solution to portray your corporate ID and marketing messages

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Our development and commercial professionals have years of integration experience in Healthcare

Mission and vision

The Medix Care Platform has a major impact to any Healthcare digital infrastructure

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