Medix View enables patients to securely access the Care Platform when healthcare information systems, EHRs and patient portals, are no longer available.

Medix View enables patients to interact with their appointment scheduling, connect with clinic-based health education and post-appointment rehabilitation surveys and assessments. This connectivity enables healthcare providers to stay able to stay in touch with patients across the “continuum of care”, enabling them to monitor patients remotely and offer guidance and advice to them during their rehabilitation or next stage of treatment.

Better data and information management collected during visits

Scheduled rehabilitation and structure exercise

Remote registration and iand check in from home or at the clinic

Bespoke alerts and communication delivering direct support and care

Improved Satisfaction and Loyalty

Health education to group patients through digital signage

Digital forms, surveys and assessments providing direct feedback

Individual scheduling and diary events

pain management and direct communication with care teams

Being able to access education and exercises remotely have supported my rehabilitation and accelerated my time to recover.

Laura Berkley

Medix Healthcare Journey

Medix Care Platform delivers a digitally connected, patient engagement experience during each step of their care journey

Senior man using smartphone at home
Patient engagement and connectivity on personal devices across the continuum of care
Female nurse looking at screen of bed side tablet
Infotainment communication and education for personal and managed devices
Female nurse delivering food to female patient in hospital bed
Complete food ordering, nutritional information and dietary management solution
Three way video consultation with doctor and nurse
Advanced video calls and telehealth conferencing on personal or managed healthcare devices

The Facts

Our Results

A positive patient experience generates better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction


Decreased Readmissions


Increase in Patient Satisfaction

Ondamedia has a track in Digital Healthcare and consistently delivers and demonstrates quality, excellence in service and patient loyalty. The Medix Care Platform empowers patients with tools to manage their Patient Journey pre, during and post Hospitalisation supporting Healthcare staff to deliver quality care.

Medix - Integrating across the Continuum of Care


Medix | Journey

Real-time engagement with across the care journey, delivering patient centric information to minimise risk and deliver superior outcomes and experience at home pre-admission to post procedure rehabilitation.


Medix | Link

Empowers hospitalised patients to manage their own care plan which connects directly with medical staff to highlight real-time actions that help to deliver excellent service and higher quality care.


Medix | Connect

Digital reporting and real-time connectivity provide more efficient data collection improving the efficiency of Healthcare staff, efficient triage enables more quality time for direct patient care.


Medix | View

Digital solutions for scheduling education and post-appointment surveys and assessments. Linking vital information to existing EHR’s providing healthcare staff with more time for patient care.

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