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Ondamedia, a leader in interactive healthcare solutions, has launched a new healthcare website,, which has been developed to highlight the benefits and solutions of the Medix Care Platform. 

The interest from global healthcare organisations has defined a unique product line-up, which operate independently from each other or connect together within Medix to deliver a digital healthcare solution on all mobile and managed hardware devices.

  • Journi – Patient engagement and connectivity across the continuum of care.
  • Link – Infotainment communication and education plus clinical connectivity.
  • Nutrio – Electronic food ordering, nutritional and dietary management solutions.
  • VicoCare – Video communication and Telehealth video conferencing.


Founder and CEO, Jens Lodahl, commented: “The Medix Care Platform engages and empowers patients during every step of their healthcare journey. When in care, patients have access to entertainment, information and communication tools, including unique hospital services such as electronic meal ordering, video communication and wayfinding”.

Healthcare professionals stay connected with the patients in real time using the Journi application, which is downloaded onto their mobile device. The Journi app provides care teams with vital feedback when monitoring remotely, enabling two-way communication and the exchange of important educational content.

When admitted into care, Link delivers additional clinical connectivity utilising the hospital information system to access patient data and files. This connectivity helps healthcare organisations to streamline workflows across the continuum of care, providing more cost-effective and efficient work processes, which ultimately improves patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

The Medix Care Platform is deployed globally.

More information is available at or by e-mailing