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Patients during digital patient admission

MEDIX-CARE offers an intelligent portal that guides and assists patients through the entire process of their care journey. It starts with digital check-in at home. There, patients can read and fill out all the necessary forms, such as medical history forms, admission documents or optional services, conscientiously and without time pressure. If additional documents are available, he simply uploads them.

Once at the clinic, the patient’s identity is verified using NECT and he or she can digitally sign the documents at home. The individual steps guarantee the patient a quick and easy admission without any unnecessary waiting time and significantly reduce the workload of the clinic staff. After successful admission at the hospital, the patient is guided directly to their destination via wayfinding and digital signage.

digital hospital admission process
digital hospital admission process

Digital patient admission is possible at home via any device or in the clinic via kiosk system and tablet. This means that patients can start the admission at any location and then finish it at the hospital.

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