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The US hospital group Reid Health has chosen MEDIX-CARE as a solution and is starting the roll-out of the MEDIX-CARE Link solution at its first hospital in Richmond, Indiana. After a successful launch, more Reid Health hospitals will be following. The MEDIX-CARE Link solution digitalizes processes in order to improve workflow effectiveness and patient service.

“We are proud that Reid Health will be the first U.S. healthcare organization to use our innovative MEDIX-CARE platform, deploying the benefits of our solution first time in the USA.” – Executive Board Member Stephan Otto

Reid Health offers nationally recognized quality and technology with a personal touch that sets them apart. Their mission is to serve the needs of the patients, their families, and the community in body, mind, and spirit. To support this, MEDIX-CARE Link helps to provide patients with better patient education, information and entertainment, and allows hospital employees to spend more time providing personalized care.