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Vitos Kassel

With the introduction of the MEDIX-CARE platform and the software solution MEDIX-CARE | Link for patient information and entertainment, the Orthopedic Clinic of the Vitos Klinik in Germany is taking a further step towards the digitalization of workflows in hospitals – and is following the international trend.

The German Vitos Orthopedic Klinik Kassel is one of the major specialist clinics for surgical and conservative treatments of the postural and musculoskeletal system, as well as for pain medicine, manual therapy and naturopathic treatments. Around 6,500 patients receive inpatient treatment here every year. Soon, 134 hospital beds of the clinic will be equipped with MEDIX-CARE tablets and software. With this, the specialist clinic is taking a big step towards the future – and towards the digitalization of healthcare.

The flexible MEDIX-CARE tablets, as well as the MEDIX-CARE | Link software, were specially developed for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, taking into account the applicable high hygiene standards. In contrast to the classic bedside terminals, the flexible tablets offer a much higher variability at the point of care. The tablets are fully managed via the MEDIX-CARE | Link application. This allows authorized individualization of the device during the entire duration of stay and ensures maximum data security.

Real-time communication

The MEDIX-CARE solution provides patient media, patient engagement and clinical workflow services directly at the point of care. Digital data capture and real-time connectivity ensure reliable data is available and that care and treatment processes are optimally supported and controlled. The software enables contact with patients regardless of location or time, and equally ensures real-time access to clinical data in the hospital information system. The constant connection between patient and medical staff not only increases patient satisfaction but also patient security in an evaluable way. Hospitals benefit from more efficient processes, reduced error rates and improved treatment and care quality.

Individual patient care

MEDIX-CARE | Link accompanies the patient from admission to discharge. In addition to treatment-specific data, the interactive portal also allows easy access to a diverse infotainment offering, ranging from video telephony, movies and games to audio books and magazines. With MEDIX-CARE | Link, patients are provided with individual digital support during their hospital stay, be it for orientation in the hospital, appointment management, nutrition management, or communication and entertainment.

About Vitos

The German Vitos Orthopedic Clinic Kassel is one of the large specialist clinics for surgical and conservative treatments of the postural and musculoskeletal system, as well as for pain medicine, manual therapy and naturopathic treatments, and is part of the Vitos network. The Vitos GmbH is an association of 20, partly non-profit, companies in Germany with headquarters in Kassel. Vitos operates health and social care facilities at 75 locations in Germany. The sole shareholder of Vitos is the Landeswohlfahrtsver-band Hessen (LWV). The LWV is an association of the Hessian counties and independent cities to which social tasks have been transferred.

About Ondamedia

Ondamedia, is a global technology company that developed and installed the MEDIX-CARE Platform for the healthcare market. Ondamedia works with global partners to provide a modern interactive gateway for healthcare information, communication and educational content. Ondamedia has over 20 years of experience, more than 18000 active installations and provides over 15000 transactions per day.
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