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With the implementation of CliniXIdent, Ondamedia and Helios look to take further steps towards the digitization of hospital environment processes, built to relieve clinical staff workloads and make life easier for patients and their visitors.

Due to the Corona pandemic, hospitals have been required to register all visitors and verify Covid-19 relevant information since 2020. With the ClinXIdent software, which is powered Ondamedia’s innovative MEDIX-CARE platform, visitors at Helios Clinic Hildesheim can now register digitally by simply scanning a QR code and answering the COVID-19 related health questions.  This automated process saves clinic staff valuable time, while at the same time reducing administrative effort and paper consumption, and also reducing the risk of potential COVID contact. So overall, it’s a significant improvement over the existing paper process.

Of course, all data in the entire process is encrypted in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DSGVO) and can only be decrypted by the hospital using a code in the event of inquiries from health authorities.

Following a successful installation of ClinXIdent at Helios Clinic in Hildesheim, the Helios Clinic Group will start equipping other hospitals with ClinXIdent. 

About Ondamedia

Ondamedia is an international technology company that has developed the MEDIX-CARE platform for the healthcare market and is currently implementing it in many clinics in Germany and abroad. The focus of MEDIX-CARE is on digitizing and automating clinical processes to better engage patients in their care processes and simplify internal workflows. These digital steps increase the quality of care and at the same time reduces the workload of nursing staff, resulting in measurably better treatment outcomes overall. 

Ondamedia works closely with national and international partners to efficiently implement the wide range of clinical use cases based on MEDIX-CARE. Ondamedia has over 20 years of experience in digitization and has implemented more than 18000 active installations with over 15000 transactions per day during this time.

About Helios

Helios is Europe’s leading private hospital operator, In Germany, Helios has 89 hospitals. Helios Germany is part of the Fresenius health care group.