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Hildesheim, Germany, 1 July 2020 – Ondamedia, a leader in interactive healthcare solutions, announces an exclusive partnership with Hospedia UK. Ondamedia will supply MEDIX-CARE, a fully interactive patient care platform which delivers superior patient experience, while providing improved workflows efficiencies and a quantifiable Return on Investment for healthcare professionals. The MEDIX-CARE Platform will be deployed on existing Hospedia installations and new contracts awards during 2020. 

With the Medix Care Platform (Medix), Ondamedia provides a unique end-to-end solution with its exclusive partner, Hospedia, the world’s largest operator of point-of-care bedside systems. The solution helps empower patients, support hospitals to deliver the best in patient care, ensure clinical efficiency, achieve Meaningful Use with respect to technology implementation, and create potential new revenue streams. 

Medix Journi starts at home

Medix is advanced cloud-based technology – The platform connects to personal mobile devices or medical grade Tablets, Smart Terminals or TV’s at the Point of Care. – Medix includes all associated accessories, back office management, integration and support expertise. Hospedia provide professional and managed services, such as content aggregation and yield management, to support and improve hospitals processes and efficiencies. 

Return on investment

“The Medix Care Solution delivers patient media, patient engagement, and clinical workflow services to the patient right at the bedside,” comments Christian Otto, CEO for Ondamedia. “But more than providing infotainment, Medix provides hospitals with a quantifiable Return on Investment and a superior patient experience, which stimulates and educates patients, while providing benefits in workflow and efficiencies for healthcare professionals. The tools provide care more efficiently and cost-effectively, without compromising quality or the financial bottom line.” 

Improve Patient Satisfaction 

Offering a wide array of capabilities, Medix connects and empowers patients during their healthcare journey. Connectivity starts by opening the Medix | Journi application on a personal mobile device which provides access to pre-registration checklists and connection to care teams. Documentation can be exchanged, educational content and wayfinding information viewed. Following hospital registration patients can utilise managed medical devices to access Medix | Link which delivers television, movies, radio, Internet, e-mail, games health information and services. They can choose from various options to personalize their stay: from ordering their meals via the Medix | Nutrio food and dietary management application or communicating with their care team family and friends using the Medix | VicoCare solution. The platform enables and encourages patient empowerment and active participation throughout their care journey. 

Medix Link used for Clinical connectivity

Healthcare organizations can capture patient feedback, on any topic, at any time during the patient journey. This feedback can be used to improve the delivery of care and further boost patient satisfaction scores and support CQUIN (commissioning for Quality and Innovation) targets which also have a direct impact on hospital reimbursements.

“We see patients actively engaged and empowered throughout their care journey providing a better care experience, knowledge and overall satisfaction, which positively influences their clinical outcomes,” adds Otto. “From this perspective, Medix directly impacts patient satisfaction scores, such as HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), which are becoming more important than ever.” 

Direct Clinical Access 

Providing healthcare workers with access to a wide range of applications directly at the bedside, Medix helps improve clinical workflow and productivity. The ability to instantly access a patient’s electronic medical records (EMR) and the hospital information system (HIS) – while safeguarding patient privacy – results in improved efficiencies and better decision-making at the bedside. 

New Revenue Streams 

For end users, Medix offers specialist services via Hospedia, first line support, content aggregation and yield management, helps maximize the return on investment. Hospitals can package and up-sell patient entertainment bundles to generate extra revenues and also promote local products and services through full-screen or banner advertisements. 

About Ondamedia

Ondamedia, is a global technology company, who have designed and installed the Medix Care Platform for the Healthcare Market. Ondamedia works with global partners to deliver a solution to empower patients and their families to actively engage with their personal care plan, providing a modern interactive gateway for information, communication and educational content. Ondamedia have 20 years’ experience, 18000+ active installations, providing over 15000 transactions per day.   

About Hospedia 

Hospedia is the world’s leading provider of point of care systems in healthcare, including media, information, clinical support software and infrastructure services. Hospedia manage 70,000 multimedia systems serving up to 10 million patients, 5 million visitors and 500,000 healthcare professionals a year in more than 155 hospitals. These systems can be configured to deliver healthcare applications and services, making use of the PC functionality already installed by Hospedia at the bedside. 

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